5 Easy Ways to Transfer Money to Ghana

Remittance has a vital part to play in both the migrants’ life and economic development. Ghana ranked 3rd in Africa in terms of diaspora remittance inflows. Migrants remittance forms an essential component of household income. According to a World Bank report, remittances reduce absolute household poverty in Ghana by 2%. External remittances are the fourth most significant source of foreign currency in Ghana after tea, horticulture, and tourism.  

In recent years with the blessings of technology and mobile money services, internal remittances have also attracted attention. The most common type of internal migration in Ghana is from rural to urban migration for a better opportunity in non-agricultural sectors. 

In this blog I will discuss, five easy processes to send money to Ghana. I hope these ways will assist you further in money transfer. 

Ways to send money to Ghana

Now, I’ll discuss the five easy ways to transfer money quickly to Ghana.

Online Money Transfer

Today with the blessings of technology, life mainly depends on the internet for different solutions. Hence using online money transfer platforms to send money to Ghana is an easy option. Instead of queuing up in a bank or remittance agency, it is always better to use online remittance software to transfer money. You can transfer money instantly sitting at your home. 

Nowadays, many fintech firms have developed user-friendly software to send money to Ghana instantly. Money transfer software offers different facilities with excellent exchange rates and low transfer fees. 

Mobile Money Transfer App

Mobile money has always been a common way of money transfer in Ghana. You can also use a money transfer app to send money abroad if you are already using your mobile phone to order food or book a taxi. Transferring money through a mobile money transfer app will be a more straightforward process for you. Transfer money to Ghana using a mobile money transfer app that provides services in Ghana.

Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet helps you store the money digitally, and you can also have control over your cash. Mobile wallets are the most famous mode of money transfer in Ghana. You can use mobile wallets from mobile apps or remittance software, using your credit or debit card or bank transfer. You can easily send money from your mobile wallet to other mobile wallets. 

This process is easy, fast and convenient.

Cash Pickup Locations

Cash pickup services are also available to transfer money to Ghana. Many digital remittance solutions provide such facilities to Ghana to an array of cash pickup locations. Many people might be reluctant to adopt online money transfer methods; thus, cash pickup locations will help them collect funds in cash.

Bank Deposits

You can directly deposit money to someone’s bank account. This method is a quick and easy way to transfer money to Ghana to your loved ones. You can use your debit or credit card to make the transaction, and you need to have an active bank account.

To send money to Ghana to someone’s bank account, you need to give the following details:

• 16 digit card number

• card expiration day

• Three-digit CVV code

For bank transfer, you need to provide:

• Unique bank account number

• Sort code

Last Words

These are five easy techniques to send money to Ghana with complete security. With the increase in migration rates, millions of funds are being transferred daily in every part of the world. These transfers are shaping the remittance industry to contribute more towards the economic developments of the country.

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