5 ways to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones this season

Christmas is finally here, a season of joy and festivities. It is celebrated in some way by nearly every country and billions of people across the globe. Now, as a migrant worker, who has loved ones back home, you may be in search of ways to share these special moments with them and leave them something beautiful to remember. It will be true to say that our number one priority, is to enable you to send money to your loved ones with ease and fewer hassles, but we would also love for you to take part in these unforgettable moments with them, wherever you are. So, what are the ways you can celebrate this festive period with your loved ones, without being there physically?


There is no doubt that technology has changed how we handle things for the better, from how we conduct payments to even how we make our purchases. During this festive period, you can purchase items for your loved ones online, pay with your mobile wallet and have them delivered right down to the recipient’s doorstep, with ease. You can also send money to your loved ones and have them purchase these items themselves, depending on the situation.


There is so much more you can do with your gadgets and smartphone device, thanks to technology. With platforms such as Zoom and Google meet, you can plan virtual parties and celebrate this Christmas with your loved ones wherever they are. To successfully plan a party such as this, you would, first of all, make a guest list, which can include your friends, siblings, loved ones, and so forth. Thankfully, virtual parties do not require many costs and so you won’t face many limitations in terms of the guest list. After you would have chosen a theme for the party, and a video platform, you can start sending out the invites.


Thankfully, platforms such as Skype, and WhatsApp, among numerous platforms enable you to video call and chat with your loved ones, anywhere and anytime. You can take advantage of any of these platforms and celebrate this festive period quietly, from the comfort of your home.


There may be some traditions and rituals which are usually carried out during this festive period, by you and your loved ones. No doubt upholding these traditions with others, during this period, establishes a kind of bond among you. Christmas celebrations don’t have to be noisy, they can be quiet and observed in the little things you do.


You may not be able to make it back home this Christmas, but you can always celebrate this period with your loved ones at an alternative period, it doesn’t have to be December. Besides “it’s the thought that counts” as they always say.

You can also support your family back home and help them celebrate Christmas, by sending them money, to organize parties maybe, or treat themselves. Whatever the reason may be, every penny matters, and there is no doubt that you will put a smile on their faces, by doing so.

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