All You Need to Know About Cash Pickup Services

With the increase in migration rates, remittance has now become a daily scenario. Migrants send money back to their loved ones, which supports their everyday household expenses back home. There are various ways to send money abroad. With improved technology, many fintech firms have developed remittance solutions that provide different options to the migrants to send money abroad. 

Global money transfer sometimes needs a bank account to send money. But if your recipient does not have a valid bank account, you can choose a remittance provider that offers cash pickup services. 

In this blog, I will explain everything you need to know about Cash Pickup Services. 

About Cash Pickup

Cash pickup services allow the recipient to get cash in hand, especially if they don’t have a valid bank account while receiving money from abroad. If you choose the delivery method as a cash pickup, Your recipient can conveniently pick up the cash from the nearby cash pickup location. This service is fast and easy and helpful for people who deal with liquid cash.

Functions of Cash Pickup

With the help of cash pickup services, the recipient can pick up cash physically from the given location. Instead of transferring to the bank deposit digitally, which may be uncomfortable for many users, cash pickup is always the better option. The transfer process may vary from services to services, but the most basic function of how cash pickup works are as follows: 

• Place the order

At first, you need to fill up the details of your recipient, their contact information, along with the amount of money you want to transfer. Sometimes many providers also want you to fill out the specific pickup. While filling up the recipient’s detail, take care of their name. It should match with their given ID to avoid issues while cash pickup.

• Processing:

You will receive a transfer ID or reference number once the transaction is processed. This unique code is for your recipient to use while cash pickup, and you can also track the progress of your transaction.  

• Cash pickup:

With the reference number and the ID, the recipient should reach the pickup location specified by the company or chosen by you to collect the cash.

• Get Confirmation:

  You will get a confirmation mail or texts confirming the time and location after your recipient picks up the cash. You can also track the transfer by the tracking code given by the company.

Benefits of Cash Pickup

• Fast service

You can transfer money overseas very quickly with a cash pickup service. Some services complete the transfer in minutes.

• Choices

Trusted money transfer companies give you the freedom to shop around for better deals.

• Safety 

Cash pickup services offered by ATL money transfer is always safe and secure. ATL is a regulated payment institution handling thousands of transfers a month. 

• Convenient

Cash pickup from a transfer agent is very convenient and easy for people to access. 

Tips for cash pickup

Cash pickup can be tricky if it’s for the first time. Hence here are some easy tips for cash pickup. 

• Always find a location that is safe and convenient.

• If you are the recipient, first confirm the agent’s location and business hours before visiting.

• If you are not sure to visit alone, always take a friend or someone you can trust to pick up cash.

• After receiving the money, if you want to deposit it in your bank, do it immediately. The longer you keep the money with you, it will be risky, and also the likelihood of expenditure also increases.

• After collecting the cash put it in a safe place before leaving the agent’s office.

Last Words

Since digital remittance is rising day by day, many people who follow the traditional transfer medium will find that difficult. Hence cash pickup offers complete assistance to the people used to deal with liquid cash and see this process easy. But while choosing the exemplary cash pickup service to send money home, you always need to compare the provider’s exchange rates, transfer fees, and customer assistance.

About ATL Money Transfer

One of the best-known remittance solutions that provide safe cash pickup services is ATL money transfer. ATL is a regulated remittance platform that provides around 50,000 pickup locations across the world. We take the responsibility of reaching money to your loved ones safe without any hassle. Send money through ATL with care.  For more information, visit our website

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