APIs Enable Banks to Meet Growing Work-from-Home Demands

Driven by the pandemic and the consequent transition to remote work, businesses are digitising their financial operations as fast as possible. Financial institutions (FIs) respond to that demand or risk losing business. Hence the simple solution is with application programming interfaces (APIs). However, these serve as a quick and reliable fix, enabling seamless and secure connectivity to various banking services while minimising the heavy lifting.

APIs are the thing before the thing. It offers a straightforward way for a person or a system to communicate with another service, removing the complex process for a person to understand regarding the service. API is deemed as a bridge between two different computer systems. Likewise, an API is deployed to forward instructions from a person sitting at a computer using invoicing software to initiate a payment just by filling out a few areas.

Well, APIs hold the key to digital transformation when businesses are overwhelmed by disconnected systems and services. But the pandemic has forced them to adopt and revealed its importance. One primary goal of digitisation is to connect those systems in a seamless manner. But we might lack something to achieve the goal because the universe of applications has inflated massively in the past couple of years.

Around the Corporate Banking World 

Businesses are increasingly pursuing out cutting-edge digital tools. 57% of companies are curious about how emerging technologies can enhance their current treasury management process. Few reports revealed that integrating these technologies is challenging for many companies. However, the report also noted that the businesses still confront barriers to elevating their processes due to such frictions. A lack of bank connection is one of the main factors stemming companies from boosting their B2B processes. Many companies commented that their Enterprise resource planning (ERP) or treasury management systems are not integrated with their FIs. Therefore, solving this connectivity issue appears key to meeting businesses’ changing banking needs.

A glimpse of Post-Pandemic Success

Now it’s high time for banks to open new ways of thinking and work with new partners. As a result, financial institutions (FIs) can position themselves for future growth in partnering, serving or investing in innovation through technology upstarts. Enabling them to deliver a product or service that genuinely resonates with their customers and become a problem solver in a rapidly growing digital market. 

FinTech companies are launching new services and solutions to help small businesses across the country emerge from the pandemic. Thus, the greatest opportunity for economic recovery and success post-pandemic lies in the ability of the bank to serve its small business clients.

Given these realities, banks make their services available through APIs. The developers feeding that rapidly expanding universe of apps will easily access and integrate financial capabilities into them.

Security of an International Money Transfer API

Whenever an electronic payment online is made, high-grade security must ensure it. Hence, APIs assistance is demanded in this way, but additional security measures are needed to limit financial fraud. Financial fraud is highly prevalent, so fintech ways have their ways to deter fraud. Sending an international bank transfer through a global money transfer, API is relatively secure. Many unique apps are coming up with intelligent features like faster payments through numerous API connections. Likewise, sending online money from Ghana to Austria using a money transfer service with API is more secure than opting for any random money transfer.

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