Best International Transfer Apps for IOS and Android

Money transfer Apps have made payments far easier and quicker, that’s no doubt, but these platforms may differ in terms of the features they offer and how they process transactions.

The phrase “Best international  Money transfer apps” is somewhat relative, because while some features may be perfect for one, it may be less suitable for another. This could be due to location, the amount of money involved, among many other factors.

But Generally, there is a certain standard all money transfer apps should meet before they can be considered suitable and satisfactory.

Features of a good International money transfer App.

  1. In-Built Exchange Rate calculator: This is important because when making International Payments, you should be able to check and compare currency rates and also make calculations beforehand. A good money transfer app should have an in-built feature such as this to prevent unexpected costs and enable you to plan.
  2. Mobile Friendly and Easy-to-use user interface:

A good money transfer app. Should have a platform that is suitable to use across all devices and types. It should be easy to access and navigate through on both IOS devices and Android, among others. The user interface should be simple and uncomplicated.

  • 24/7 customer support: A good money transfer app should also have a customer care line on standby at all times to answer queries and solve any issues a client may have when using the platform.
  • Moderate fees: Some money transfer platforms place high charges on transactions, without considering the amount involved as a factor, and this shouldn’t be so. A good money transfer App should place a moderate fee on payments, and this should be based on the amount the sender wishes to remit, the currency, and the location of the sender. Platforms such as ATL money transfer offer low fees for transactions, putting all the factors mentioned in place.
  • Quick payments: Your payments shouldn’t take weeks to process using a money transfer app. Payments should be processed, within a maximum of 48 hours, despite the location and mode of payment. Transactions processed on ATL money transfer require a maximum of 24 hours to complete and are often processed instantly.

This list isn’t exhaustible, but just some of the main features a good money transfer app should have. With platforms like ATL money transfer, you get an All-in-one package as we offer low fees, quick transactions, a broad network of sending and payout locations, and so much more.

ATL money transfer is a globally trusted money transfer platform, whose sole mission is to make money transfers transparent and secure for everyone. We provide financial inclusion to millions of people with great exchange rates and low fees.

How to make an international payment with the ATL money transfer app?

  • Download our app on the Google play store or IOS app store
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  • Fill in the details of the recipient
  • You will then be directed to the payment section, after which your transaction is complete.

At ATL money transfer we are dedicated to providing you with quick and seamless transactions.

To learn more and get started, visit our site now

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