How to save charges when sending money overseas

Once in a while, you may want to send money overseas but will shy away, or feel discouraged when you find out the charges incurred on these payments.

 From 2018 to 2022 there has been an increase of almost 28 Trillion dollars, in terms of cross-border payments, and it is most likely going to increase in the coming years, based on statistics.

Generally speaking, making payments is a necessity for daily living, so instead of shying away or cringing just at the thought of the idea, why not find a solution to the problem?

How can I save as much as possible when sending money overseas?

The fee incurred on an international payment is highly dependent on the currencies involved, the amount of money you wish to send, the money transfer platform you are employing and so many other factors, but despite these circumstances, you can still save money. Here are the ways you can save  money when making international payments;

  • Check the fees of different money transfer platforms available to you, and compare; The rates that these platforms will offer you may differ, and that is why you should carry out an investigatory exercise, and compare the charges. Some platforms may offer you a very low fee to process your payment, sites like ATL money transfer allow you to make payments at low charges and require a short period of time to complete.
  • Send your bulk money at once: Instead of sending money bit by bit,ย  you can send it all at once. This help to save charges and also protects you in times of sudden increase/decrease in currency and also an economical crisis.
  • Try to Avoid last-minute payments as much as possible, and plan ahead: Making last-minute payments not only reduces your options but may also incur a higher fee. Especially if you are sending a large amount of money.
  • Check all details and make calculations before making payments: Check the fee, and calculate how much will be incurred on the amount of money you wish to send before making the payment, also check currency rates. This will help to save money and help prevent unexpected costs.

With platforms like ATL money transfer, you donโ€™t have to worry about exorbitant fees, because we buy our currency in bulk, at a wholesale price, and pass the price benefit to you. ATL money transfer is a globally trusted money transfer platform, whose sole mission is to make money transfers transparent and secure for everyone. We provide financial inclusion to millions of people with great exchange rates and low fees.

How to send money overseas with ATL money transfer

To make an International payment using our platform, simply follow the steps below;

  • Visit the website or download the ATL money transfer app
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  • Fill in the details of the recipient
  • You will then be directed to the payment section, after which your transaction is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

What locations can I send money to, using your platform?

We send to over 50 locations, including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Togo, Nigeria, Spain and so much more.

How long do international payments take to complete, on ATL money transfer?

All payments Require a maximum of 24 hours to complete, and payment methods like Mobile Money are processed instantly.

What Documents do I need, to make a payment on the ATL money transfer?

To complete a transaction on this platform you will need to provide proof of identification, this could be your Driverโ€™s license, International passport, or any other government-issued Identification.

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