Money Transfers from Nigeria to the UK at the best rates

You just sent your child to the UK for further studies, and you need to send his monthly allowance, or maybe you want to go on a vacation and want to quickly fund your UK bank account or you need to send money urgently to your friend or loved one in the UK. Whatever the reason may be, ATL Money Transfer is here for you.

In terms of races, cultures, and even economies, the UK and Nigeria have many disparities. In terms of economic development, the UK is more advanced and compared to a developing economy like Nigeria’s, it is far more advanced. With the inflation rate and currency devaluation which Nigeria is currently facing, making payments especially Internationally will seem like a huge burden for senders. The country’s migrant population is one of the largest among African Countries and so this in turn has increased its foreign exchange through diaspora remittances made to the country, over the years. But just as it’s remittances have increased, so has the need to make more payments internationally. The thing is, migrant workers who make the decision to emigrate from Nigeria in search of better opportunities, usually need some sort of funding till they can gain these opportunities and fit into the system, and so, their families and loved ones would need to send financial support periodically for the first few months, in most cases.

With the current situation of things in Nigeria, this may seem as a burden for those in Nigeria, making payments. Not only due to the high exchange rates but also due to other economic factors which have in turn caused inflation and reduced the overall standard of living in the country.

Thanks to technology which has enabled the evolvement of various payment solutions such as Money Transfer Operators, you can now send money to the UK, from the comfort of your home, with ease and within a short period. But this alone isn’t enough, because just as making payments internationally should be easy and fast, they should also be cheap, especially if you are in Nigeria. Nowadays numerous platforms offer you features such as quick and easy payments, but most times they charge exorbitant fees and high rates, and that is why you may shy away from the idea of sending money to the UK.

Thanks to ATL Money Transfer, you can now send money to the UK at the best rates you can get and at a low fee, and there’s more; when sending money with our platform, we can guarantee a seamless experience and fast payments. Our platform is well designed and with its easy-to-use interface, you can make payments easily with just a few clicks.

You shouldn’t break the bank, just to send money, even if it’s to the UK, and that is why we have enabled you to make payments at  an affordable fee. With our broad network of over 60 countries also, you can make payments to so many other countries including those in Africa.

How to send money to the UK from Nigeria?

To make a payment to the UK, with ATL Money Transfer simply follow the steps below;

  • Visit the website or download the ATL Money Transfer App
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  • Fill in the details of the recipient
  • You will then be directed to the payments section, after which your transaction is complete.

ATL Money Transfer trusted worldwide, and with our office located in London, United Kingdom, we handle thousands of transactions daily of transactions daily and our sole mission is to make your money transfers transparent and secure.

So put a smile on your loved ones’ face today, by sending Money with ATL Money Transfer

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