Perks Of Sending Money Transfers To a Mobile Wallet

The long queues, the delayed payments, and the high charges; are just some of the experiences you may have when sending money through the Traditional route.  So Why not send money to a Mobile Wallet instead? Mobile wallets are digital platforms that store payment card information. Once your card information is stored, all transactions can be made using the platform, anywhere and anytime without having access to your card. How great is that?

Here are some perks of sending money to a mobile wallet;

  • Quick Transactions– You can carry out any transaction with a mobile wallet and you don’t have to wait for hours before it’s completed. Payments typically require a few seconds to go through, no matter the time of the transaction.
  • Safe and Secure Payments– The data stored on Mobile wallets is encrypted, this basically means that your card information can not be transferred or revealed when making transactions. A mobile wallet cannot be stolen unlike a debit or credit card and all payments need to be authorized through biometrics or other security features.
  • Convenience – No matter where you are and no matter the time, you can carry out a transaction as long you are with a mobile device with your mobile wallet installed.
  • Discount offers and Promotions– You can also gain rewards when making payments with a mobile wallet, this may be in the form of a discount on the transaction, special offers and so much more.
  • Other valuable information can be stored in your Mobile Wallet– Not only your card information but Important details such as your Driver’s License, International passport, health insurance cards, loyalty cards, and so forth, can also be stored in your Mobile wallet.

                      Is a Digital Wallet the same as a Mobile Wallet?

Digital wallets are online payment tools usually in the form of an application. Digital wallets and Mobile wallets are similar but they aren’t the same. The former is typically used for online transactions while the latter is normally tied to a device like your smartphone or a wearable device like your smartwatch.

Thanks to you can send money to a  mobile wallet, in any country within our network. ATL money transfer is a globally trusted money transfer platform. We are a continuously developing company striving to make customers’ money transfer experience as valuable, functional, and effortless as possible.

How to send money to a Mobile Wallet with ATL money transfer

  • Visit the website or download the ATL money transfer app
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  • Fill in the recipient details after which you will be directed to the payment section.
  • Read the information on the page carefully and choose your preferred method of payment  ie Mobile Wallet
  • Sit Back and relax

 Frequently Asked Questions?

How long do Mobile Wallet payments, take to complete?

All payments made to a Mobile Wallet using our platform, are processed instantly, within seconds.

What Documents do I  need to send money with ATL money transfer?

You will need Proof of Identification this can be your Driver’s License, International passport, or any other government-issued Identification.

What Mobile Wallets can I make payments to, using ATL money transfer?

You can send money to Wave, Mtn, Moov, and Orange Money mobile wallets.

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