Points to keep in mind when conducting Money Transfers

Technology has significantly impacted our lives today; there is no doubt about that. From how we move from one place to another to how we conduct transactions, technology has made these things easier and faster. But these innovations have also made it easy for fraudsters and scammers to commit crimes. It is not unusual that you may make a few mistakes while conducting online transactions. That is why it is important to cross-check the data you enter before submitting. Some other tips are;

  • Check for Reputable Money Transfer sites that are registered and regulated. Some fake sites exist and even display features you may be familiar with. Fraudsters use various tactics, but first of all, check if the platform is genuine before making any payment. When you have made the payment, you may realize that the recipient couldn’t collect the funds or the amount never went through. 
  • Only send money to people you know; Be fully aware of the identity of the individual you wish to send money to. Also, ensure that you enter the recipient’s details correctly, and if possible, re-check all details before sending. Failing to do this may result in a wrong transaction or fraud. 
  • Check the platform’s exchange rates before making the transfer; You may visit a Money Transfer platform and assume that the rates issued by the site are the same as other sites or with the bank. And when you have made your payment, you realize that the recipient’s amount wasn’t the intended amount. This is why it is always good to calculate beforehand to prevent unexpected costs. You can do this with the in-built calculators displayed on Money Transfer platforms such as ATL Money Transfer. 
  • Make sure you have all the details ready before starting the transaction; To prevent delays and errors, it is good to have all your information and that of the recipient before beginning the payment process. Some sites can safely store this information to check on the platform whenever you wish to make a payment. Although before doing this, you should ensure that the platform is genuine. 
  • Avoid last-minute payments as much as possible; besides, when conducting last-minute transactions, you are prone to mistakes. You may also incur higher charges (Though this depends on the platform and the method of transfer you wish to engage). There may be times, though, when you have no choice and need to make a payment as quickly as possible. This is why the platform you are engaging with matters to a large extent. At ATL Money Transfer, we know that time is of the essence, which is why we process all transactions within 24 working hours. 

Apart from the precautions listed above, you may still be vulnerable. And this is why the platform you are using to make these online transfers matters a lot. ATL Money Transfer has designed a payment site to suit all your needs and preferences, enabling you to send money at the best rates and at a low fee. We can also guarantee that your payments are 100% safe and secure. And we are a registered and regulated financial body, so you have no worries. 

So why not put a smile on your loved one’s face today by sending money with ATL Money Transfer

ATL Money Transfer is a payment platform trusted worldwide. With our office in London, United Kingdom, we handle thousands of transactions daily, making your money transfers transparent and secure for everyone. 

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