Quick Money transfers from Canada to Ghana

The truth is, every issue that involves money, should be treated as quickly as possible. This includes your sibling’s monthly allowance and even that investment that you want to take on. Whatever the reason may be, you deserve a fast, safe and easy payment. And when using platforms such as ATL Money Transfer we do just that, wherever you are and at the best rates.

How fast payment is made, isn’t only determined by the network connectivity and location, but also, by the Money Transfer platform itself; Is it easy to navigate? Are there any requirements by the platform, before you can make a payment? All these factors can cause a delayed payment and an unpleasant experience. A money Transfer platform should also enable you to make payments at the best rates, and encourage you to send money often. Remittances are growing yearly, especially to developing countries, and this isn’t only due to the large migrant workers, but also because of the ease, these individuals experience when making payments, with platforms such as ours. It is no doubt that Money Transfer Operators encourage remittances, as compared to traditional methods, which discourage them.

Based on a report by Ottawa.mfa.gov.gh, there are about 100,000 Ghanaians residing in Canada, and this isn’t surprising because the country offers a higher standard of living and better job opportunities to its residents, compared to Ghana.  This is why in terms of diaspora remittances, the country tops the charts. And this is why, IOM.int mentioned that the country, being the second-largest recipient of remittances in Sub-Saharan Africa, witnessed an increase in remittances from $117.6 million in 2007, to $3.8 billion in 2018, which makes about 7.4% of its GDP.  It is no doubt that remittances have increased in just countries like Ghana, but many others, this is not only due to the large migrant population worldwide but also the ease of making payments, which has been made possible with Money Transfer Operators such as ATL Money Transfer. Platforms such are designed to make your payment experience smooth and seamless.

Now accepted as a more suitable method for making payments as compared to conventional institutions, money transfer platforms have now enabled you to send money internationally from the comfort of your home with just your mobile device. Not to mention; at the best rates and at a low fee, when you send money to Ghana with ATL Money Transfer.

How to send money from Canada to Ghana, with our platform

  • Visit the website or download the ATL money transfer app
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  • Fill in the details of the recipient
  • You will then be directed to the payments section, after which your transaction is complete.

ATL money transfer is a payment solution trusted worldwide and with our office situated In London, United Kingdom, we handle thousands of transactions daily with the sole mission of making money transfers transparent and secure for everyone.

So why not put a smile on your loved ones’ faces today, by sending money with ATL Money Transfer?

Website Link: https://beta.atlmoneytransfer.com/
Android: https://bit.ly/3wtLpmn
Ios: https://apple.co/3clB5WS

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