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Making payments is a necessity and something that can’t be avoided, but at least you should be able to do this with ease and without emptying your pockets. ATL Money Transfer has helped make this possible with the platform which can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Benin is a beautiful country located in the Western part of Africa, it is famous for its tourist sites and museums, these sites have helped provide a great source of revenue for the country, including its residents. Despite these factors, like many other developing countries in Africa, the country has its weaknesses such as a high poverty rate (38.5%), a Narrow and Volatile export base, and governance shortcomings, among others. These are some of the main reasons why its citizens choose to migrate from the country in search of better opportunities and greener pastures. Based on a report by with data from the Ministry in charge of relations with Bienese; Almost 4.4 million people (which is almost half of the entire population) have emigrated to other countries including the UK. According to the report, factors such as unemployment, increased living costs, difficult climatic conditions, and dwindling natural resources continue to push many Bienese to other countries. Apart from attaining a higher standard of living, many of these individuals also migrate with the purpose of becoming financially capable to then provide support to their loved ones back home. This sometimes comes in the form of remittances periodically conducted to their families.

Based on a report by, the Benin republic received about $204,623,917 in remittances in 2020. It has also been deduced that there has been a steady growth of remittances made to the country since 1974. These payments usually come from migrant workers and in other cases, investors. These external inflows have not only helped families to afford necessities but are also a source of foreign exchange for the country, which helps stabilize its currency and mitigate inflation.

Remittances have been on a rise lately, and this isn’t only due to the increase in migrant workers but also the ease that these individuals experience when making payments, which has been made possible thanks to platforms such as ATL Money Transfer. With our platform, you can send money to almost any country from the comfort of your home, with just your smartphone device. But there’s more; These payments can be made at the best rates and a low fee. This is because we buy the currency in bulk and share the price benefit with you. You can also send money to begin instantly when using our platform, and we can guarantee that your payments are 100% safe and secure. With a broad network of over 40 African countries, you can send money to not just Benin, but Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and so many others.

We want your recipient to receive the best value of your money’s worth which is why we charge a very low fee for your payments and have provided a variety of payment methods so that your recipient will not face difficulties when collecting your payment.

With these features and so many others, we have enabled you to send money with ease, and almost instantly because you deserve it.

So why not put a smile on your loved ones’ faces today, by sending money with ATL Money Transfer

How to send money from the UK to Benin, with ATL Money Transfer

  • Visit the website or download the ATL Money Transfer App
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  • Fill in the details of the recipient
  • You will then be directed to the payments section, after which your transaction is complete.

ATL Money Transfer is a payment platform trusted worldwide, and with our office situated in London, United Kingdom we handle thousands of transactions daily with the sole mission of making money transfers, transparent and secure for everyone.

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