Top 15 Countries with the Largest Nigerian Diaspora Population

Nigeria is home to one of the largest diaspora populations in the world, with millions of Nigerians living abroad in various countries around the globe. According to the World Bank, Nigeria received over $17 billion in remittances in 2020, making it the largest recipient of such funds in Africa and the fifth-largest in the world. Remittances are a crucial source of income for many families and communities in Nigeria, providing financial support for education, healthcare, housing, and other essential needs.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the top 15 countries with the largest Nigerian diaspora population and the challenges and opportunities involved in sending money to Nigeria. Whether you’re a member of the Nigerian diaspora or someone looking to send money to Nigeria, this post will provide valuable insights and tips on how to make the most of your remittance transactions.

Top 15 Countries with the Largest Nigerian Diaspora Population:

Nigerians have a strong presence in many countries around the world, with significant communities in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. According to estimates from the Migration Policy Institute, here are the top 15 countries with the largest Nigerian diaspora population:

  1. United States – Over 353,885 Nigerians
  2. United Kingdom – Over 215,000 Nigerians
  3. South Africa – Over 31,000 Nigerians
  4. United Arab Emirates – Over 100,000 Nigerians
  5. Canada – Over 70,000 Nigerians
  6. Italy – Over 119,400 Nigerians
  7. Spain – Over 70,000 Nigerians
  8. Germany – Over 83,000 Nigerians
  9. France – Over 30,000 Nigerians
  10. Brazil – Over 90,000 Nigerians
  11. Ghana – Over 77,000 Nigerians
  12. Ireland – Over 20,000 Nigerians
  13. Saudi Arabia – Over 1.5M Nigerians
  14. China – Over 10,000 Nigerians
  15. Australia – Over 12,000 Nigerians

These figures are based on official census data, immigration statistics, and other sources, but they are likely to underestimate the true size of the Nigerian diaspora due to factors such as undocumented migration and irregular employment. 

Nonetheless, they provide a useful snapshot of the diverse and dynamic Nigerian communities that exist around the world.

Next section, we’ll explore some of the challenges involved in sending money to Nigeria and how ATLMoney can help.

Challenges of Sending Money to Nigeria and How ATLMoney Can Help.

Sending money to Nigeria can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially for people living in other countries. Some of the key challenges include:

  1. High fees: Many traditional money transfer services charge high fees and hidden costs, which can eat into the amount of money being sent and received.
  2. Slow processing times: Some transfer methods can take several days or even weeks to process, which can be inconvenient for urgent transactions.
  3. Limited options: Depending on the location of the sender and receiver, there may be limited options for sending money to Nigeria, which can restrict choice and flexibility.
  4. Security concerns: Sending money to Nigeria can also raise concerns about fraud, theft, and other security risks, which can add to the stress and anxiety of the process.

Why Choose ATLMoney for Sending Money to Nigeria?

ATLMoney is a reliable and secure international money transfer platform that provides fast and affordable remittance services to Nigeria and other countries globally. Here are some reasons why you should choose ATLMoney for sending money to Nigeria:

  • Competitive exchange rates: We offer competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees, so you can save money on your transactions.
  • Fast and secure transfers: Our platform uses the latest encryption and security technology to ensure that your transactions are safe and secure.
  • Convenient and easy to use: Our website and mobile app are user-friendly and easy to navigate, so you can send money to Nigeria from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

In summary, the Nigerian diaspora around the world plays a significant role in the country’s economy, and the ability to send money to Nigeria is crucial for many people. With the list of countries with the largest Nigerian diaspora population, it’s clear that there is a high demand for fast, affordable, and secure remittance services.

Whether you are living in the UK, the US, Canada, or any other part of the world, sending money to Nigeria can be a complex and challenging process. However, by using a reliable and trustworthy money transfer platform like ATLMoney, you can enjoy a range of benefits that can make the process much easier and more efficient.

So why wait? Sign up for ATLMoney today and experience the convenience and reliability of our international remittance platform.

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