Transaction Tracking: A Sigh of Relief

When competition is at a peak in every business sector, a positive experience can help infest brand loyalty in consumers. One of the critical components of a positive customer experience is the company’s ability to deliver on time. And to keep the customer in the loop about the status of their transaction. Company’s leverage the track transaction feature to enable their customers to check up on their money transfer status. This feature can be critical during money transfers, especially for transferring for the first time.

When shopping from a brick and mortar store, a customer can experience instant gratification as they come into ownership of their purchase immediately. However, this is different in E-commerce and online money transfers. The customer has to wait for their product to be delivered or their money transferred. This wait can lead to stress, which potentially could hinder the customer’s experience. However, companies using the transaction tracking feature with real-time updates can bring a sigh of relief to their customers. When you give your customers access to this feature, you provide them with a compelling reason to trust you as a service provider.

Why do we need this feature?

Popular E-commerce brands and courier companies introduced the concept of providing real-time updates of shipments to their customers. But for remittance service providers, a tool that helps the customer track their transfers is critical as the recipient is sitting in a different country. Especially with a myth stating banks are faster and more secure for international money transfers.

In reality, banks take days, even weeks, to transfer funds internationally. And blame it on the complex process, which is not a bank’s core area of operations. Also, many believed banks are better protected, but online service providers are equally secure, if not more. But the fact remains that financial insecurity can compel a customer to choose expensive bank wire transfers over online service providers.

The ability to track your money while being transferred can bring great peace of mind to anyone. You can assess the time it will take for your funds to reach the recipient, mainly if you send money online during an emergency or need the funds to get to the recipient by a particular date. And for someone who has never sent money abroad, the first time can be nerve-wracking. A feature that will let them track their transaction can make the experience of first-time money remittance a stress-free one.

Wrap up

Earning a customer’s trust is imperative to any business, and for remittance service providers adopting the tracking feature is a step in that direction. The advantage of being able to track transactions status can be more influential than the exchange rates offered. This feature translates to the customers that the brand is trustworthy, provides good customer support and has appropriate security measures. Additionally, it also lets the customer see the confidence a service provider has in their offering.

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