What is FinTech?

The payment platform you use to send money abroad is developed and managed by a FinTech Company; So is the mobile wallet, which you use to make your online purchases, and that platform where you store all your credit and debit card information. Thanks to FinTech companies, you can send money and make payments with just your mobile device, wherever you are. So, what are FinTech companies exactly, and how have these financial institutions affected our society today?

What is FinTech?

FinTech refers to the integration of technology into financial services and processes, making them faster, easier to use, and more secure. It would be good to note that the word “FinTech” is a combination of two words which are; Financial and Technology. Investopedia.com also describes FinTech as new tech which seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services.

Has FinTech made an impact? Well to answer that, you would first of all have to ask the question; “Would I prefer to walk to a bank and request a money transfer or simply use my mobile device to make that transfer? If your answer to this question was the second option. Then it would be true to say that FinTech has made a huge impact, not only because it enables us to make payments with ease, but also because it saves a great deal of time.

How has FinTech made your transactions easy?

Mobile Payments

Making purchases has been made easy thanks to FinTech. Because with just your mobile wallet, you can store all your credit card information on your mobile device and make purchases wherever you are. So many other payment solutions have emerged to make your purchases easy and fast.

Money Transfers

FinTech Companies also enable you to conduct local and international transfers, wherever you are, with ease. And with platforms such as ATL Money Transfer, you can send money at the best rates and also at a low fee.

Trading and Investments

You can purchase and sell items online, through online stores. you can also decide to invest in non-tangible tokens, such as cryptocurrencies and stocks, by downloading a crypto wallet or a stock exchange application. This is all thanks to FinTech companies, who have now made it possible to do almost anything with just your mobile device.

You can also carry out other financial activities such as;

  • Insurance
  • Loan applications and so much more

Have FinTech companies made an impact on our societies today? Of course, yes. Not only have they made making payments easy, but also more secure. No more delayed payments and endless protocols, because, with numerous payment platforms designed to provide you with a seamless experience, you can now go about your normal financial activities, wherever you are.

ATL Money Transfer is a payment platform trusted worldwide, and with our office situated in London, United Kingdom, we handle thousands of transactions daily with the sole mission of making money transfers, transparent and secure for everyone.

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