What is the easiest way to conduct a Money Transfer?

There were times when the only way to send money to an individual overseas, was through banks. Conventional institutions such as these, have been efficient but at the same time, there are downsides. Some of these are delayed payments, endless protocols, and exorbitant rates, which many do encounter. But thanks to technology which has enabled the evolvement of numerous payment solutions such as Money Transfer Platforms, conducting Money transfers has now been made easy.

A Money Transfer is a platform that enables users conduct financial transactions digitally without relying on any physical exchange of money. These transactions include purchases and remittances. With platforms such as these, you can send money and conduct transactions with just your mobile device, wherever you are. Thereby making your payment experience smooth and seamless.

The payment experience isn’t only determined by you, the sender, but also the recipient. Was the recipient able to collect the funds with ease? Did he/she face any limitations? At ATL Money, we can guarantee that both you and the recipient, will experience ease, from the payment process down to the collection of funds.

Why ATL Money?

  • User-friendly payment platform: In just a few clicks, you can conduct a money transfer to almost anywhere in the world, in minutes. Not to mention, that our platform is easy to use, as it is easy to navigate.
  • 24/7 Customer care: With our team of well-trained customer care representatives to guide you through every step of the payment process, your payment experience will be smooth and seamless.
  • Easy to Access: You can gain access to our payment platform, no matter where you are and no matter the device. You can visit our website or you can download the ATL Money App on the Google play store, or the Apple store.
  • A variety of Payment methods to choose from: We have provided a variety of payment methods to choose from, these include; Cash delivery, Bank transfer, Mobile wallet and so on. Thereby enabling your recipient to face little or no limitations when collecting the funds.
  • Provision of numerous features on our platform: Features such as the in-built exchange rate calculator, enable you to conduct your personal calculations and reach a decision before, making a payment. This prevents delays and unplanned expenses.
  • With our platform, we can guarantee that your payments will be conducted at the best rates you can get and at a low fee: To enable your recipient to receive the best value of your money’s worth, we have made it possible to send money at the best rates. And how is this possible? Because we buy the currencies in bulk and share the price benefit with you. We also charge a very low fees, for your payments, no matter where you are.

These factors and so many more, make ATL Money the easiest and the best way to send money overseas. So why not put a smile on your loved one’s face today by sending money with ATL Money?

ATL Money is a payment platform trusted worldwide. With our office in London, the United Kingdom, we handle thousands of transactions daily, making your money transfers transparent and secure for everyone.

So why not put a smile on your loved one’s face today by sending money with ATL Money?

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