Why ATL money is the best option to send money to African Countries?

Most countries in Africa are not so developed, this means the individuals residing in these countries do not have access to basic amenities and infrastructural facilities. But payments need to be made.

A recent study shows that the African Diaspora has a population of over 140 million, and only a small percentage resides, in Africa. These Africans living in the diaspora, have relatives, and most of them reside in Africa as a matter of fact. Once in a while, these individuals would like to send funds to their loved ones; how can this be done?

Also, the fact that Africa as a whole consists of a large and productive working force would be of great benefit to International companies and organizations, but in a case when these individuals are then successfully recruited, how will their remuneration get to them?

These are just a few of the questions we ask ourselves daily.

Designing an efficient payment system that will suit the technological and economical situation of most countries in Africa sounds tricky, but thanks to ATL money transfer we have a platform just for that.

What is ATL money transfer?

ATL money transfer is a globally trusted money transfer platform located in London, United Kingdom. Thousands of transactions are handled by us daily, and we provide a great alternative by bypassing the redundancies caused by traditional money transfer avenues. We aim to provide people around the world with a quick, secure, transparent, and easy-to-use money transfer platform.

Why is ATL money Transfer the best option to send money to African Countries?

  • Easy to Use User Interface: Based on a study, only 45% of Africans are computer literate, which means that, more than 50% aren’t computer literate. Keeping this in mind, we have created a platform designed to be easily navigated, whereby, computer illiterates can easily make use of our payment system with minimal effort and no hassles.
  • Low fees: The Significance of your hard-earned money does not go unnoticed by us, and so, when using our site, you don’t have to worry about exorbitant fees, because we buy our currency in bulk, at a wholesale price, and pass the price benefit to you.
  • Large payout network of which many are African countries; Our network consists of many African countries including Nigeria, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Mali, Ivory Coast, and so many others.
  • Little Documentation required: We understand the amount of time it may take and the rigorous effort you may put in, to obtain certain documents. That is why only require only proof of Identification which could be your Driver’s license, National Identification Card, or any other Government issued Identification.
  • Safe and Secure transactions: Giving rise to the high rate of fraud and insecurity in Africa, we assure you that all payments made on our platform are 100% safe and secure. It may also be of note that, we are  registered as a Money service business and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

At ATL Money transfer, our mission is to make money transfer transparent and secure for everyone; we provide financial inclusion to millions of people with great exchange rates and low fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do international payments take to complete, on ATL money transfer?

All payments Require a maximum of 24 hours to complete, and payment methods like Mobile Money are processed instantly.

Will I need to register on your platform, before I make a payment?

Yes, you will need to register with us to send money abroad. It will only take a minute to register with us.

How can I gain access to your platform?

You can simply visit our website which is at https://beta.atlmoneytransfer.com/ or download our ATL money transfer App on the Google play store or the IOS App store.

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