WOW! ATL has paid over 10,000 Mobile Money Transactions in 2020

Despite the global sanitary crisis we have all been affected by since the beginning of the year :Covid-19. We have paid over 10,000 mobile money transactions throughout our netwrk.

We have a success rate of 99.5% of transfers made to Mobile Money in Africa. This means out of every 200 transactions only 1 ends up having an issue

Here are the top 3 reasons why a Mobile Money Transaction fails

– The number is wrong

It’s very important that you double-check the number before giving it to an agent or entering it into our website as it not possible to reverse it once itùs paid out 

– The recipient does not have a mobile money account attached to their phone number

It is important to verify with your beneficiary if they in fact have mobile money as often, this needs to be opened with the operators like you would open a bank account

– The recipient has reached their limit

Mobile Money account has a threshold on the amount they can receive over a certain period. In some cases, this can be increased by the operator after request.


  • When your recipient receives their deposit, they will not always get a message from the operator.

Once your transaction is marked paid in our system, but your beneficiary claims not to have received it – please ask them to verify their balance. They can also go to their operator to request a statement from their account to see the deposit made by ATL

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